22 10 / 2013

At my school, I’m on the Dance Team. I am so happy I made it but it has it’s downsides, and their effects.

1. “Practice Times”
Someone had the bright idea to have us practice at 6:45 in the morning, twice a week. I don’t function until 11:30 so to make me get up, learn choreography and be flexible is idiotic. The after Effects; tired all day, grumpy, can’t focus, and I’m even more tired because I have my studio dance after school on one of those days, and don’t get to bed until like 11, so I’m nearly dead by the end of the day.

2. “Time Consummation”
Consummation, consumption, whatever. The point is I barely have time to breathe

20 10 / 2013

17 10 / 2013

There is something wrong with me. Dancers are suppose to be graceful. Flowing. Light on your feet. Ya. That didn’t turn out so well for me. I’m on a dance team at my school, and we picked a partner to make a dance with following some guidelines. One guideline was to have our pose be a connected shape. So we thought we would make those squares. You know when you grab their ankles and… ya you get the idea. So I went to go up and she missed my leg/I started too early and I hit her nose and fell over. And to make matters worse, the guy I like is on the dance team and watched the catastrophe.

17 10 / 2013

I’m not sure about you dancers, but when I go to school the next morning, I have many things I’ve noticed that happen to me;

1) I’m tempted to wear a pair of black spandex shorts, with a sports bra and flowy shirt

2) I almost chasse (say shaw-say) down the hallways

3) I basically break out dancing at the lyric of any song

4) I don’t feel like sitting still

5) I try to tell my non-dancer friends about something I found hilarious but they have no clue what any of the words mean, so I have to stand up and show them the move for them to understand

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